Kj is a photojournalist and writer who aims to complement the power of images with the context of words.

Over the past decade Kj has bicycled, backpacked, volunteered and worked extensively in Latin America, Western Canada and Eastern Europe. She speaks English and Spanish and a  spattering of phrases in other tongues.

Indifference, indifference is the strongest force. It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love, hate don´t stand a chance against it. It lets neglect and decay and monstrous injustice go unchecked. It doesnt Act, it allows. And that´s what gives it so much power. – Joan d.Vinge 


Kj has worked on stories in a wide spectrum of locations and cultures, from the border of Turkey and Syria, to the mountains of indigenous Guatemala, to the palm fields of Nicaragua, to the northernmost  west coast of Canada, to the boreal forests of northern Saskatchewan, to the beautiful yet stricken streets of Haiti, to the cultural collision that is Bosnia and Herzegovina to the sprawling vineyards of California, and their fields of undocumented Mexican workers.

Kj has published in a variety of outlets, both online and in print, including: VICE Canada, VICE USA, Al Jazeera America, YES! Magazine, Monday Magazine, Briarpatch Magazine, Verge Magazine, Permaculture Magazine, and the Prince Albert Daily Herald. She also writes regularly for EBSCO Information Services, tackling their Canadian Point of View articles on current topical themes, such as the debate surrounding the hijab, the barring of travellers from Ebola-stricken countries and the relative dangers of E-cigarettes to their traditional counterparts.


Kj studied journalism and photojournalism at the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, Canada, completing the Written Image program and garnering five separate awards in 2011. 

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